‘We’re All CoWorkers’

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Ever dream that you found some additional rooms in your home? What a surprise, such delight, an opportunity to explore. That’s life at CoWork 414 right now! We showed the space on Friday in what will become our monthly ‘4th Friday Festivities.’ Guests toured the space and brought ideas from the fields of design, sales, education, and more. No fewer than three architecture firms were represented. Everybody brought enthusiasm and great input – shared over drinks and appetizers – and that’s when coworking gets really interesting.

Let’s take a closer look.

‘One of three architecture firms’

Knowing one of those firms is going into the first floor of 414 as the anchor tenant, some might say, ‘Aren’t the other firms competitors? Why would they want to help?’

Two answers for that.

In shopping for the coffee maker, the printer, the chairs and everything else for CoWork 414, we wanted only the best. We want to provide an abundance of comfort and networking opportunities. On Friday, the food featured Middle Eastern dips, stuffed mushrooms (very popular!), sautéed mini peppers, bread, gourmet cheeses, berries … lots of goodness. The ideas flowed in all directions, with the guests making new connections and gathering marketing ideas, too.

Collaboration is a big deal right now. We can do at the local level what our elected representatives haven’t been able to do at higher levels. CoWork 414 is proof. This is how we can choose to live, to be, to work. That’s work by design.

Speaking of that, three of any type of firm can be a super supportive environment: not that they would all work here, but it’s nice to sometimes be around other people who understand and have lots of shared experiences. Each firm has its own people, process and product; each needs to reach a slightly different target audience. Knowing that plus ‘owning it’ equals differentiation. From there, it becomes possible and so very easy to collaborate.

When does coworking get really interesting?

when cowork gets really interesting

It could have been the bounty of yummy treats; more likely, it was the enthusiasm. It started with the possibilities of the physical space. One artist was completely enchanted with our unimproved enclosed porch with the vintage windows and exposed brick. We asked everyone to use post it notes to suggest paint colors and space uses. They did! Because CoWork 414 is not a finished product provided for consumers. It’s going to become what the members want it to be.

Yes, enthusiasm

We never expected the excitement that people who see the space and hear about the concept express. Beyond the rooms themselves are the undiscovered capacities, the unexplored career possibilities that immediately come to mind. Think about it: If you suddenly found yourself in a furnished office space, the decor a mix of old and new, near the downtown of a very cool and walkable city; with other positive people around you; with coffee or tea and snacks in the nearby kitchenette, with a printer-scanner-copier at the ready – you just show up with your laptop and phone – what would you do?

What would you create in that previously undiscovered and still unexplored “room” in your worklife?

No answers, only questions

One of our guests recalled babysitting years before for a mom with a 2-year-old; the mom would lock herself in the basement to work. The toddler knew she was down there and tried hard to get to her. Not only that, but also the babysitter didn’t believe for a minute the mom actually wanted to be working in a basement. ‘This place would be great for a mom who works part-time!’ she said of CoWork 414.

Another said, ’I have a friend in advertising; she’d like making all these new connections.’

‘Next time, I’m bringing more people with me,’ one of the architects added.

Maybe you or someone you know has answers, too

I learned something that evening, as we all swapped stories and ideas and had an all around great time in a building on a block that’s ordinarily a little too quiet for a row of storefronts on a Friday night. All around me were people happy to help, to visit, to meet new people and that is when coworking gets really interesting. But, noticing the vibe, it came to me: For anyone who likes to collaborate and isn’t afraid of exploring new spaces, whether or not they are planning to grab a desk and become a member, we’re all coworkers.

Join us! To check out the space or find out more about 4th Fridays or tell us what makes coworking interesting to you, click here. We’d love to talk with you.