Cowork community formingThis is new for us, too! We have an evolving business model and hope you'll be part of shaping this new community of people who want to design their own work situation ('work by design').

Do you rent desks or office space?

We make it easy. Coworking is a membership-based program and not a traditional office rental arrangement. This way, you don't have to take a 3-year lease, fit out a space, set up the internet, make sure the plumbing works or even furnish the space. Just show up and plug in. Full- or part-time use of a desk or entire office, depending on your needs and on availability, can be included as part of your membership. Also included: Use of a conference room, high speed internet, printer, kitchen and other facilities. But coworking is about the people, too, and membership benefits include optional networking, learning, and social events. Other members become your resources, and vice versa. Get and give referrals, gain new ideas and perspective; get inspired as you work alongside others who represent a variety of industries and walks of life.

This sounds pretty good, how do I move forward?

We are developing our membership application; contact us at to express your interest & let us know your timeline. Meanwhile, consider what term sounds best to you (normally a 6-month minimum, 3-months available for a limited time only) and whether you'll want a full-time dedicated desk with a lockable cabinet or just full-time access to any available work station (called a 'hot desk'), part-time use of a desk (dedicated or hot), or only use of the conference room. Click here to learn more.

Can I speak with you about my particular situation?

Of course! Click here to contact us. We'll call you.