community garden
There's Jennifer (at left) and Sienna planting our community garden!

Our Approach

What we love

Community! Bethlehem, especially the Westside! And ... beautiful buildings! Let's put them all together! Gary is an architect and musician. Jennifer is a writer and marketing consultant. We are so excited to bring Coworking to West Bethlehem. Come and find out what it's all about! Page down and meet your potential coworkers! (Adding bios and photos is a current work-in-progress.)

Our Story

Cowork 414 Sunset ViewOne of our hobbies

Gazing out the window to find ideas. Here's the sunset view from CoWork 414! West Bethlehem is a beautiful place to be, the building has a great vibe and we are looking forward to a community of coworkers to enjoy this space.

growing cowork community BethlehemCoWork 414 will:

  1. Facilitate synergies among our members.
  2. Support businesses and non-profits on their growth trajectory.
  3. Add vitality to the neighborhood (West Broad Street Businesses and the Westside of Bethlehem).
  4. Serve as a resource to the neighborhood and the City of Bethlehem.
  5. Be a positive voice and presence in the neighborhood, City of Bethlehem, and Lehigh Valley.

Meet the Community

We have more than a dozen members in this one-of-a-kind community, adding everyone here is a work-in-progress

Bethlehem CoWork

Sienna Mae Heath

Writer, World Traveler, the Brains behind our community garden

Sienna Mae Heath, Writer & Gardener helps makers and artists find their voice. Back in Bethlehem … she knows how a strong sense of place sparks meaning in small moments – the heart of her blog Garden Mindfully. Sienna can buy a candy bar in any country with her international coin collection … and she haggled a boat across the Adriatic Sea. See her Garden Mindfully website here.





Coming soon!



Coming soon!

Next Steps...

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