People join CoWork 414 on a membership basis. You can choose 3-, 6-, 12-month or longer plans. You choose your membership level (1, 2, or 3 days a week; or full-time). We do have a membership application, details when you visit. If you only need a short-term conference room rental click here. For members, we offer:

Full-time Membership

Full-time desk space, 24/7 access, lockable cabinet if you choose to have a dedicated desk, conference room, kitchenette, and printer privileges, plus all community events. More membership details below.

Part-time Membership

Use of workspace 2, 3 or 4 days per week, conference room, kitchenette, and printer privileges, plus all community events. More details below.

Basic Membership

A great place to start!
Use of workspace one day per week, conference room, kitchenette, and printer privileges, plus all community events! More details below.

What Membership Includes

Full-time, part-time, and basic membership can include a combination of:

  • Access to dedicated or “hot” desk space;
  • Conference room use, with your own link to book space directly;
  • High speed internet,
  • Printer/copier/scanner,
  • Use of kitchenette with coffee, tea, snacks, microwave and fridge.
  • Optional marketing workshops, 4th Friday Festivities and other events.
  • Plus, as a member, you’ll have a voice in our shared workplace.

See membership types below to find a plan that fits your needs.

Coworking in Bethlehem Pennsylvania

Full-time Membership

Each full-time member also has a dedicated desk and lockable cabinet, or full-time access to a ‘hot desk’ (non-dedicated workspace) from among those available, and up to 16 hours of conference room use per month. Some on-site parking is available. Two free day-passes per month for collaborating with a colleague or occasional visits from an out-of-town associate or boss. Full-time dedicated desk with lockable cabinet is $329/month. Full-time ‘hot desk’ is $289/month. 24/7 access available for all full-time memberships!

Part-time Membership

Perfect for those who want to take their business to the next level with a professional workspace, marketing support, office printer and a conference room. Also for on-the-road folks who need a base for operations or those working at home who need to get out. Part-time members enjoy spending a few days a week at one of our hot desks, which are desks or tables (your choice!) that any member can use. Includes up to 8 hours of conference room use per month. Four days per week is $239/month. Three days per week is $189/month. Two days per week is $139/month. Additional days or conference room hours can be added.

what membership in a cowork space includes

Basic Membership

Great for those who work at home and want to “get out of the house” one day a week. Meet and work alongside other interesting and motivated people. If you want, uplevel your marketing through our workshops. Network & socialize at our 4th Friday Festivities. You can book the conference room for up to 4 hours per month. $89/month. Additional days or conference room hours can be added as needed.

West Bethlehem Member

For those in the neighborhood who already have a work location but support bringing visibility, vibrancy and innovation to West Bethlehem in general and Broad Street in particular. $10/month.

Cowork in West Bethlehem

Coworking membership is a strategic advantage.

As a member, you instantly tap into networks – professional, neighborhood, community, city, and regional. Yet this office is small and more personal.

CoWork 414 is a great place to grow your business.


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