Our Salads Rock at CoWork 414

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Like making lemonade from lemons, when someone sent me a bag of rocks lately, we at CoWork 414 decided to make “rock salad.” Let me explain. One of my marketing clients is a rock climber in addition to his day job; lately, he published a newsletter comparing the two pursuits and enclosed a gift of a bag of “rocks,” made from chocolate and painted with something edible that makes them look like real rocks. Since I’m on his mailing list and so get to see what his clients receive, one of these came to me. With the old story of “Stone Soup” in mind, the call here at 414 went out for salad fixin’s. Chopped lettuce, a cucumber, tomatoes, feta cheese, dates — half a dozen of us brought contributions. Coworker Sienna even went out to our community garden and snipped herbs and plucked marigolds. They were edible! Another new experience here at 414 …

coworkers feast on rock salad

With a little cracked pepper to season it up just right … salad dressing and the rock, we had lunch! Afterwards, we showed the photo to the person who mailed the rocks to me in the first place. He said, “It may be the prettiest salad I’ve ever seen!” I know you are wondering, but unfortunately, the rock was too hard to cut, as rocks often are. So now it must serve as our reusable salads rock at CoWork 414 … because our salads do rock at CoWork 414!